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LOL i love m. [24 Feb 2002|05:36pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Caffeindkid95 [2:41 PM]: But i'll be rooting for "I AM SAM" the retard flick:) lol
OO3ebRoxOo [2:41 PM]: hahaha i didnt even know that was out yet
Caffeindkid95 [2:41 PM]: yeaa
OO3ebRoxOo [2:43 PM]: yeah that looks good
OO3ebRoxOo [2:43 PM]: hahaha sean penn on snl
OO3ebRoxOo [2:43 PM]: wait is that who plays sam?
Caffeindkid95 [2:43 PM]: yeaaa i think
OO3ebRoxOo [2:43 PM]: haha yeah
OO3ebRoxOo [2:43 PM]: him on celebrity jeopardy on snl is funny
OO3ebRoxOo [2:44 PM]: or is that sean connery they make fun of?
Caffeindkid95 [2:45 PM]: sean CONNERY!!!!! lol your slippinnn
OO3ebRoxOo [2:45 PM]: LOL leave me allloooone
OO3ebRoxOo [2:45 PM]: i get the seans mixed
Caffeindkid95 [2:46 PM]: yeaa
Caffeindkid95 [2:46 PM]: so yea sean connery is commin tonight too
Caffeindkid95 [2:46 PM]: OH i mean sean ward .....
OO3ebRoxOo [2:46 PM]: LOL sean ward?
Caffeindkid95 [2:46 PM]: :)
OO3ebRoxOo [2:46 PM]: LOL april 4th.
Caffeindkid95 [2:46 PM]: shure thing
OO3ebRoxOo [2:47 PM]: it is a sure thing.

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READING THE DAMN BOOK! [26 Jan 2002|02:02am]

[ mood | amused ]

YEPP IM READING THE DAMN BOOK KRAS! HAPPY?? It damn good though:) I keep Picturing Emo Dann as Stebbins lol. so when Or if He dies I'll be sad ....Yea OLSON Reminds me of Mark Regurgitated:) lol....Theres no girls so You or Errr aint in It But its your damn Book so yea Thats good enough. GLASSJAW the 17th!!!! Its gonna Be GREAT!!!

-Mike 95

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[24 Jan 2002|02:32pm]

[ mood | giggly ]

Caffeindkid95: yea What Questions should I ask On The I-95 Guestbook?
OO3ebRoxOo: hm
OO3ebRoxOo: dont do fav member cause too many people do that
OO3ebRoxOo: ask the favorite ramen flavor
Caffeindkid95: Yea Allready GOT THAT!!!11
Caffeindkid95: LOL your Crazzyyyy
OO3ebRoxOo: LOL
OO3ebRoxOo: you wanna stop
OO3ebRoxOo: you know thats going in the CH journal

haha is there REALLY anything i could say about this?

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[11 Jan 2002|04:43pm]

[ mood | excited ]

X Jeff 182: ready to rock?
Caffeindkid95: I was BORN ready
X Jeff 182: um k

lol aww mike i thought it was funny.

yay show tonight

*best corporal punishment since the real thing* :)

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[07 Jan 2002|08:34pm]

[ mood | bored ]

KrangOTang: i love you man
KrangOTang: do you know
Caffeindkid95: Its funny though:)
KrangOTang: that like
KrangOTang: the other day
KrangOTang: i wa thinking
KrangOTang: thank frigging god i got to know you better
KrangOTang: like
KrangOTang: the liar funny weird parts
KrangOTang: cuz
Caffeindkid95: Awww Yea I love ya too:)
KrangOTang: me and kras got ourselves into a beautiful friendship
Caffeindkid95: LOL AWWWWW Thats nice
Caffeindkid95: Right back at cha
KrangOTang: well im not being cute
KrangOTang: like
KrangOTang: when oi just knew ya
KrangOTang: i just knew you a lil

KrangOTang: but then like when i hung out wqiuth you with kras
Caffeindkid95: lol ok.....
KrangOTang: it was like we really got to know you
Caffeindkid95: yea......
KrangOTang: how youlie
KrangOTang: copy IM's
KrangOTang: pronounce ensign wrong then try to cover it up
Caffeindkid95: is this suposed to be an insult, thanks...
KrangOTang: no no no
KrangOTang: i'm saying
Caffeindkid95: yea yea BRB
KrangOTang: it's a better friendshi[
Caffeindkid95: back
KrangOTang: front!
Caffeindkid95: yea...
KrangOTang: no way mike i meant that in the bnest way
Caffeindkid95: ok
KrangOTang: i never knew you alot before.
Caffeindkid95: yea but I thought knowing me alot thered Be at least 1 good thing
KrangOTang: haha. there is. you cheer me up all the time when i'm sad. you're always positive. like when i opened my door the other day and you said, hey rockaaaa! and how you're always willing to hang. and make me a cool descendents hoodie and try to teach me guitar and listen to complain about boys and talk about jewel with me and compliment my writing and come to my art show and talent show!!

mmhmm there are alot of grrreat things... including the ensign and the im copying! haha we think thats a piss and a half and wed have it no other way. indeed.


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[29 Dec 2001|10:42am]

[ mood | excited ]

KrangOTang: we saw the m95 on kras' tab book you mofo!!!
Caffeindkid95: HUH?
Caffeindkid95: OH!!!! LOL YESSSSSS
Caffeindkid95: That was great I thought

We thought so too m...
ahh i just found your little message in the front cover.. like last night.. you roooooooock!

- Krazmatazz

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THE VASELINES ARE THE BEST [28 Dec 2001|06:01pm]

[ mood | amused ]

yes, Well Youse have much time On your hands...lol but its funny, & I may Not be able to Spell, But I can play guitar ...& That was more Important to me Then Homework :)

Mike 95

P.S.-I EAT DIRT (chili peppers gotta song called I like dirt so Flea Probley eats dirt too lol so that makes it ok)

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m = 19 5 [27 Dec 2001|08:36am]

[ mood | geeky ]

yep. the 27 clique is getting married on april 4th.
damn stright.
Caffeindkid95: Yes I scanned My Rist LOL
Caffeindkid95: Wrist...
OO3ebRoxOo: LOL cut it out.
Caffeindkid95: LOL:)

yep were coming over today mike.
not like you read this, anyway haha

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[20 Dec 2001|06:52pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Dear Mike,
Erica and i would like you bring something to your attention. We continue getting emails from Crushmaster... Please stop the games and just come forward with your confession that you are in love with both of us. We appreciate your time, sucka.

- Kras and Err

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[27 Oct 2001|12:38pm]

[ mood | amused ]

me and mike 95 got our haircut on the same day.
get out of my head and ill get out of yours and noone will get hurt.

- Kras95

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[24 Oct 2001|03:32pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

Caffeindkid95: yooo Were Going To The Zoo In Like 2 weeks:)
KrangOTang: who's we?
Caffeindkid95: Me You, Kraz, Ash, & Anyone else who wants to go lol
KrangOTang: oh i love how you just like make us do shit.:)
Caffeindkid95: Yeaa:) You Know Ya dooo!

volunteering us as always, huh mike??

Caffeindkid95: lol even if he looked like Bob Saget? lol
Caffeindkid95: Or Balki Bartocumus!!!!! LOL

haha dont go there. both are americas greatest heros

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HO [18 Oct 2001|02:40pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Im not really sure why we created this.. but we thought it would be funny for people to see mike95 from out point of view hahah Maybe from the restraining order side of view as well..we will just have to see wont we? haha
Fun Facts about Mr 95:
- He writes in comic sans ms and puts smile faces right next to his words
- Highly enjoys AOL 6.0
- Likes to say retahded and cahh
- Hates indie band names. vue. bleugh.
- Is a fake vegan and eats mc ribs from the mcdonalds 99 cenT menu.

O*brien. feel free to contribute to this list :)

- Krasniator.

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